You can find hundreds of schematics of italian radios that must be requested via e-mail.

At the moment there are about 1600 schematics of italian radios producted in Italy, until 1955.
There are also about 250 schematics of tv's ('50's and '70's).
Next we'll publish: italian TV's '50 and radios from '55 to '59.

Prices for schematics:
prices may vary accordingly with the number of pages of the schematics.
schemiradiotv will always send you a free cost estimate to answer your request.
  • radio schematics - 12.00 €
  • b/w tv schematics - 12.00 €

Send your request to

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Search by trade-mark
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Eletrician Torello, he worked for 37 years in the steel-works in Terni; he fixed radios and tv's all over his town; from his cellar come all the schematics you can find here; respect.


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